Top 5 Waterbed Mattress Pad For Your Money

The waterbed is usually a long-term purchase that does not lose its properties within years of use. Day after day, it carefully contours to each sleeper's particular size, weight, shape, and evenly distributes the pressure. However, there is another truthful statement. It truly does not matter whether you have a hardside waterbed mattress or a simple waterbed mattress on a base, cover still makes a lot of difference on a waterbed. It aids in the protection of your waterbed mattress, performing a hygienic function, an increase of air circulation and comfort of your sleep. Some models even help to minimize waving and bring additional pressure relieving features. We have found several top rated products that suit waterbed mattresses and are available in all traditional sizes. This top list includes some worthy models of a hardside waterbed mattress, pad, cover, so you can find exactly what you need.

California King Quilted Cotton Waterbed Mattress Pad by Tri Sew

The mattress works as a fitted sheet. It is incredibly easy to tuck it in all the way around. The mattress is equipped with elastic pockets and sides for easy fit. Due to such construction, the cover stays on and does not shift. This waterbed mattress pad has a qualitative quilted top made of a 100% cotton outer material. The cover is thick enough to prevent your waterbed from damaging by your cat's claws, for instance. It is 72 by 84 inches big and it is very breathable as well. For a reasonable price, you will get a serious supplement and improvement of your hardside waterbed, and even more comfort for your sleep.

High Quality, Down Alternative Mattress Pad / Topper, Fully Reversible for Queen Waterbed by Bed-in-a-Bag

This super affordable waterbed cover is odor-free, soft, plush, and super comfortable. It measures 60 by 84 inches and made of a microfiber material, durable and machine washable. The material features hypoallergenic protection, the cover is thick enough and comprises of a down alternative fill. The stitches are double needle made and they prevent the inner filling from shifting. This mattress pad does not zip around the mattress yet it strictly stays in position due to tight anchor straps. As the best waterbed mattress, it offers a 1-year warranty and really decent quality, which is wonderful given the price.

Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector California King by Mellanni

This protector greatly fits waterbed as well as other types of beds, which gives a better sleep and fresher morning awakening. The manufacturer claims that this protector is even better than a cover, topper, or waterbed mattress pad. This product measures 72 by 84 inches. It features a fitted sheet style and has elastic all around. The material is completely hypoallergenic, breathable, dust mite- and bacteria- resistant. You can wash and dry it easily. Despite its quite affordable price, the purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee and a no question money-back policy. Therefore, you may be absolutely sure in the high quality of this product.

Queen Size 2000 Zipper Waterbed Mattress Cover w/ 12-mil. Pro Max Water bed Safety Liner by Mattress Cover, Innomax, Premium

This product is compatible with a wooden hardside frame waterbed with queen size measurements. Primary, it preserves your waterbed mattress from punctures. In addition, the cover adds a certain support and that enables you to get in and out of your waterbed easier. It also gives you an additional comfort due to a quilted fabric made of the high-quality polyester blend. Finally, you will see that the sheets stay in place for a noticeably longer time. This hardside waterbed mattress has a convenient two-way zipper in order to facilitate the access and maintenance. The purchase also comes with a heavy-duty safety liner and a bottle of a premium conditioner. Such a comprehensive waterbed mattress kit will essentially increase your comfort of use.

Sterling Flotation S-Class 600SXE Ultra-Waveless Hardside Waterbed Mattress size Queen by Sterling S-Class Series

The product measures 60 by 84 inches and provides a perfect buoyancy and thus a perfect support. Even though this best waterbed mattress is a more expensive purchase, it offers you an industry-leading 20-year extended warranty. Moreover, it features the unbeaten quality and comfort as well. The high-quality materials are hand masterfully crafted in the USA. Four layers of full-size sheets of fiber aligned with a ΒΌ-inch closed cell foam layer create a 9-inch depth water mattress that gives an individual support to each part of your body including the lumbar area. There is also an edge support and the enhanced corner construction. Altogether, these advanced developments deliver a super waveless, pressure points relieving, and peaceful rest.


A classic waterbed served bed-ridden patients and those with back pain for many years. It does such a good job evenly distributing support and reducing pressure points essentially. The best waterbed mattress combines both firmness and softness in order to provide the optimal comfort and support. It is durable and convenient. When you add a waterbed mattress pad, cover, or topper, you can get a more comfortable feel, easier maintenance, and other benefits. Especially regarding very budget-saving prices of the most of the products described. Therefore, do not doubt and shop this supplement to your waterbed in order to make better both your sleep and your life in general.

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