Top 5 Water Pillows Reviews

When you are talking about water pillows, you are essentially talking about polyester pouches filled with water and memory foam floating above that. Water pillows are extremely comfortable, and are, therefore, recommended for use if you are having body pain during sleeping, or to cure snoring at night.

Water pillows have been found to lessen your time to fall asleep and increase the quality of your sleep. They significantly reduce the number of sleep interruptions, thereby ensuring a healthy and relaxed you in the morning. Moreover, they are helpful if you suffer from chronic neck pain and posture problems.

There are a number of best water pillow reviews on the internet, but none talk about the products in an unbiased manner. We have, therefore, prepared a list where we take a look at the top five water pillows in the market currently along with their pros and cons.

1. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

If you are looking to buy pillows for therapeutic purposes, Mediflow is a name you can count on without any hesitation. Manufactured to ensure the most comfortable and luxurious sleep you can possibly get, the Original Waterbase Pillow boasts of a soft fibre that is also hypoallergenic. It has been clinically shown to reduce neck pain and fulfill the basic criteria for a good water pillow.

While most customers were perfectly happy with the product, a few complained about the lining around the pillow coming off after a few days. Interestingly, the company has a 30 days satisfaction guarantee and 1 year warranty against defects in place for this product.

2. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

The Chiroflow Premium water pillow is quite similar as regards to design, except that it comes with a thermal insulation surrounding the water bag so as to minimize heat loss. It is easy to use for it uses normal tap water without any chemical additives. The hypoallergenic polyester fibre ensures you do not encounter any adverse reactions while in contact with the pillow.

If you are suffering from neck pain and poor quality of sleep at night, the Chiroflow Premium may be a good choice under $60. You may need some time to get accustomed to it if you haven’t used a water pillow before, but that should not be an issue while buying the item.

3. MDF 1006 – Waterbase Pillow Standard

This is yet another product from Mediflow that focuses on comfort, quality of sleep, and relief from neck pain and sleep interruptions. It’s highly rated among customers on Amazon – 66% rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

Although mediflow brags about the quality of sleep its pillows provide, the reality is that you cannot expect to sleep like a baby on the first night of using a water pillow. Quite understandably, this product is going to get heavy once you fill it with water; so if you are not prepared to adjust to it, spending money on the product is useless.

4. Core Deluxe Water Pillow

The most stunning feature of this water pillow is the trapezoid shaped displacement panel at the center of the water chamber that is meant to keep the water in position for proper support to the neck. No wonder, therefore, it is highly recommended for use if you snore a lot or have neck pain issues while sleeping.

It is made from 100% cotton fibre so that you don’t have to compromise on comfort. The design is such that you can remove the water chamber form the pillow and machine-wash it, should the need arise.

5. Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

This Mediflow water pillow is a combination of cotton and rayon with a special foam spring center to maintain support. The waterbase system is so designed as to allow you to customize it according to your unique requirements instead of compromising your luxury. A cool, gel-infused memory foam layer at the top of a firmer layer of foam springs is also a helpful addition.

The product weighs at 2.3 pounds and can get quite heavy when filled with water. But that is a common issue with most water pillows, and hence, should not be a deal-breaker in this case either.


There are several disadvantages of a waterbase pillow over a normal one. Firstly, water pillows can get pretty heavy when filled. Secondly, their durability is questionable in comparison to normal pillows. Thirdly, they are not suited for stomach sleepers. Moreover, some water pillows can be as expensive as $60. However, their benefits far outweigh the cons, and if you are planning to invest on a water pillow, it’s best to commit fully and get rid of any half measures.

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