Top 5 Best Pillow Top Mattresses

Just when you thought your mattress was comfortable, along came pillow tops! Pillow top mattresses are all the rage right now, with added comfort and a luxurious feel to them. Basically, a pillow top mattress has an extra layer on top of it that increases comfort. They provide support in the right places, and spread the weight more evenly. This can help reduce pressure points, and may also help towards relieving joint pains. We've compiled a list of the 5 best pillow top mattresses for you.

1. Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress

This pillow top mattress comes with gel-infused memory foam to disperse body heat more effectively. This will then give you a better, and deeper, nights sleep. There are 82 of individually wrapped coils which move independently, so when your partner moves, it won't disturb you. It comes with a beautiful quilted pillow top knit cover with a corded edge and knit sides. The orthopaedic foam creates support where you need it most. You will find that the pillow top has a firm, yet comfortable feel to it. The gel inside is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, which means less mold, allergens, and dust mites. They offer customer support 7 days a week.

2. Classic Brands Pillow-Top Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress

You will never feel the coils with the premium layer of foam to protect you. The coils are individually wrapped for the ultimate support. They reduce the moving sensation and provide a good nights’ sleep. The pillow top comes in a beautifully detailed quilted design, with 1” of foam in it. The mattress has a medium to firm feels to it, and it is designed to give you a good nights’ sleep for many years. The selling pint is that you will never feel the coils because they are so well protected. The foundation and base are not included but you can buy them separately. They offer 5-star customer service, which is available 7 days a week, should you have any question or need advice.

3. Continental Sleep 10-Inch Pillow-top Fully Assembled Orthopaedic Queen Mattress & Box Spring-59x79

This is without a doubt, the deluxe collection! The mattress boasts orthopaedic properties, which the pillow top is gentle but firm to the touch. The fully assembled unit comes ready to use. The mattress comes with a total of 357 coils inside it, which is the perfect blend of comfort and support. The height is 9” and the foundation is constructed of wood. The coils are 13 gauge, and the foam is 2 3/8 with .5 whispershield on top. Everything about this bed set is classy and durable. Comfort as well as beauty have been included in this set, and it is totally made in the USA.

4. Continental Sleep 10" Pillow top Fully Assembled Orthopaedic Full Mattress & Box Spring with Bed Frame

This set comes fully assembled, and ready to use. The pillow top feels gentle but firm to the touch. The mattress is made up of 357 inner coils which support your body where they need, such as lower back. Everything used is of the highest quality, and standard, with comfort and beauty being on the list of selling points. The pillow top is made of Damask fabric quilting. It is available is all sizes, and the total height is 9”. The wood foundation meets federal standards as does the fire code. The mattress has been designed to give you many years of peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

5. Cambay Linens 11 Inch Inner Spring Premium Quilted Pillow Top Mattress in A Box

This set up comes fully assembled. The mattress has inner coils beneath the pillow top and has been designed for the bed frame or any other centrally supported bed frame. There are 1000 steel gauge coils inside the mattress to ensure that there is minimal motion, and as much body support as possible. The coil pockets are filled with foam to make you feel as if you are sleeping on air. The pillow top is luxuriously composed of 20 denier foam, with a Damask quilted cover. The pillow top comes with anti-microbial fibre filling and has a soft, downy feel to it. This is available in twin, full size, queen, and king sizes. It comes with a - year limited warranty.


Three things should be on your list when choosing a pillow top mattress, whether they are twin pillow tops or king-sized pillow tops. These are price, comfort, and warranty. For comfort, you may want to consider memory foam which will contour to your body shape. Natural latex helps to avoid pressure in one area, and while polyester may be a cheaper option, it still provides a comfortable surface. Firmness is a matter of personal choice, so be aware that not all mattresses have the same firmness levels. Typically, the pillow top will be softer than the rest of the mattress, although this may vary. Although some of the cheaper models may provide you will comfort, you might want to remember that good quality will last you for many years. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more for a purchase as important as a bed. Nothing beats a good nights’ sleep!

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