Top 5 Best Feather Bed Pillows

Now, in our ultimate quest for the most comfy bed around there are a few key components in the comfy bed world, regardless if it may or may not be humane, and that would be feather filled pillows. Now, as a person who has had and experienced the joy brought on by these pillows and as that person only, I will bring to you the best feather pillows around. You see, there are memory foam pillows and then there are cotton filled pillows but they all seem worthless once you’ve laid your head upon the feathers of an animal, and my oh my it often seems better than a cloud. So here I bring you the best feather pillow reviews, so you can go out and snag you one.

1. Royal Hotel's Down Pillow

Now if you're looking for comfort, quality, and well just all around awesomeness, than you've come to the right place for a pillow. This pillow is absolute luxury to the fullest and best, and you’ll know as soon as you get your head lain down on this, because you'll be in heaven laying your head upon this cloud of a pillow. Coming in at a five hundred thread count, seven hundred and fifty fill power and edged with a nice and silky lining and this particular pillow comes in a set of two and is hypoallergenic. These are fluffy heaven.

2. Cuddledown 700 Goose Medium Pillow

Cuddle down is right, because you can really get down and cuddle with the bag of fluff. Made from european geese straight from none other than europe itself, of course and is made of a seven hundred fill power. This material is going to be a hypoallergenic material which is great for, everyone of course as especially if you've got asthma, or children. It’s going to come in four sizes which is is pretty awesome because I always find pillows in just about te same size, but this also goes the extra mile and has four different firmness levels.

3. Superior 100% Down 700 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

This puppy comes in every size imaginable, to me that is. It’s claim is that it’s down is superior and it’s one hundred percent, coming in at a seven hundred fill power of Hungarian white goose feathers, this bad boy has got it going on. The outer material is a nice striped shell that is a one hundred percent cotton and a three hundred thread count. This pillow isn’t just a squish of pillow, it’s coming in and offering a nice amount of firmness, which is great because you can use it for laying your laptop upon it or reading a book and laying your hands on it.

4. Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow for Stomach Sleepers w/ Cotton Casing

The pillow here is coming in at a nice two hundred and thirty thread count with a one hundred percent cotton casing, and the innards of this guy is a nice eighty percent down and a then a twenty percent feather blend that they claim is a designed for the stomach sleepers. The casing is tight enough to keep the feather from poking out and stabbing you. Another great thing is that it’s made from hypoallergenic materials, so you're children or asthma self can handle this pillow easily. There is a nice one hundred percent guarantee, so they're pretty confident in how awesome this pillow is, so get ready to be amazed.

5. Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Duck Down Pillow

It’s coming in at a nicely made one hundred percent cotton shell, followed by seventy five percent down and then to finish it off, you’ve got a nice twenty five percent fiber fill. This has a white cover and is coming in at a medium density, which is great because it’s not too firm or to soft and they claim it’s good and made for back sleepers. The threading is coming in at a nice four hundred count cotton striped cover. Eighteen ounces of down coming in at a five hundred fifty power fill. The material is of course made from a hypoallergenic material and that’ll make do for everyone and everything.


Again, this is mostly based on how much you're looking to spend, and if I were you, I’d jump up and grab one of the package deals that are coming with two pillows. There are some awesome choices here, and they’ll definitely be pulling you through the night.

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