Top 5 Best Coil Mattresses

The most common type of mattress available now is a spring mattress. The core of these mattresses is made up of coils which support the body. Sometimes the coils are enclosed in pockets, and these types of mattresses offer more contoured support that in mattresses where the spring is one piece. What should you look for in a coil mattress? The coil gauge is a good indication of the quality as this figure shows the thickness of the coils. Bear in mind that it is not the number of coils in the mattress which makes it superior, but rather the thickness of the metal which is used for them. The bottom line is that the thicker the metal, or gauge, the firmer your mattress will be. We've selected five of the best coil mattresses for you to check out.

1. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

This mattress is manufactured without ozone depleters, mercury, lead and heavy metals. The fabric is flame retardant. The springs are made of 15-gauge pocket coils, and is made with a total of 522 individually wrapped coils.There is a foam and polyester layer between the cover and the coils, which means extra comfort. The microfibre mattress cover means that should you spill anything on it, it can be cleaned off easily. What is also good about this coil mattress is that it will fit any standard full-sized futon. It is available in different colours, and if you like you can purchase the futon which goes with the mattress. Arms and frame for the futon are also available.

2. Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

This 13” mattress has an amazingly comfortable foam pillow top, which when combined with the bamboo cover, puts this in a class of its own. It is considered one of the best coil mattresses available. The mattress has a softer upper area and a firmer lower part, so hips and back get full support throughout the night. The mattress has 10”, individually pocketed coils to provide equal distribution. This has been proven to relieve pressure points. It is made from certified foam and the cover is made of rayon from mattress ticking. The mattress is shipped compressed and rolled so does need to be folded to expand to the full size. It is available in full, queen and king sizes, and fits most box beds, day beds, bunks, sofas and futons.

3. Essential 6 Inch Coil Mattress by Signature Sleep

This is a reversible coil mattress which has a 1” layer of foam on top for added comfort. The 5” of 13.5 gauge coils ensure a good night's sleep. The coils which are made of tempered steel, lie snugly between the top and bottom layer of foam, making it very difficult to feel the coils. The mattress comes with a soft, quilted cover and fits multiple beds such as sofa beds, bunk beds, trundle beds and box beds. It comes in win and full sizes. The foam is certified, and the mattress is free from PBDE's, TDCPP, flame retardants, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, and mercury.

4. Classic Brands Advantage Innerspring 8-Inch Mattress

The coil mattress is made up of individually pocketed steel coils which are supportive in the right places – harder in the lower back area, and softer at shoulder level. It comes with a lovely knitted cover for protection, and has edge support. There is a top layer of foam which is added for pressure relief, with a total of 768 coils and a gauge count of 13. One of the selling points of this mattress is that it states that there is less motion transfer while sleeping, so less chance of you waking up when your partner rolls over. This mattress is excellent value for money, and will serve you well for many years.

5. Sleep Master iCoil 13 Inch Euro Top Spring Mattress and BiFold Box Spring Set

This is a very luxurious coil mattress, which gets the support from the iCoil pocketed springs, the good quality foam and the quilted cover. All of these add up to a luxurious feel. The mattress comes with a BiFold box spring set which looks just like a traditional box set, with added steel frame and cover. This folds up easily for storage if needed. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and the frame with a 5-year limited warranty. The foam, quilted cover means less pressure or sensitive areas, and the high-density foam adds an extra layer. The BiFold fits into small spaces with no problems, with no assembly required. All you need to do is slide the base out of the box and unfold it. You need to allow for 48 hours for the mattress to return to its size, but it will be worth the wait for the comfort it provides!


As with any purchase of large item which you plan to use for a long period of time, it is worth trying them before buying. While you may not be able to try out a coil mattress before you choose, it is always worth keeping in mind that companies must be very sure of their products if they offer a 10-year warranty. The warranty should protect you against springs popping through the fabric. You will find that because of the increased popularity of these coil mattresses, they have become very affordable. They are regarded as the best choice for a good night's sleep, and are certainly within financial reach, considering that you may expect them to last for many years!

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